The Twins
by Flan
The two 18 year old twins eyed each other nervously how did their plans go wrong they thought. Kelly and Deborah waited for their mothers return. They thought back to what had been they thought a foolproof plan to cut school and hang out at the mall . It had started out as a way to hang out at home and then go to the mall where their other friends had the day off. Their parents were going out of town that morning the plane left at 8:00 so the twins would be trusted to get themselves ready for and go to school by themselves which they had done before. The parents had left and they were not planning on getting out of bed early except to call in a fake excuse to their school. They had it planned perfectly, the school secretary bought their disguised voice as their mothers and they were off and running. Kelly took a shower first as Deborah waited in bed. As the warm water splashed over her naked body Kelly thought of what might happen if they were caught: would her mom ground them or even worse spank them she shuddered at the thought of a spanking. Her mom and dad were very cool as parents went but even though the twins were allowed many things both of the twins had been spanked before. Kelly thought back to her last spanking. It had been 2 yrs. ago when she had just turned 16, she had gotten in trouble at school and instead of just accepting her detentionshe talked back and even cursed the teacher. Boy was her mom and dad angry when they picked her up from school. She was just expecting her mom but to see her father also was a shock. When they reached home the parents called her and Deborah into the living room and her father was sitting in the old straight backed chair. Kelly gasped she knew what that meant Kelly was about to be spanked and in front of her sister and mom. "Kelly I am apalled at you cursing at a teacher that is not going to be tolerated in this house young lady" Her father scolded her. "I am going to teach you better manners young lady right now come over to my side Kelly" Kelly moves slowly to her fathers side and looks down dejectedly."you know why you are going to be punished Kelly" her father asks "Yes Daddy I was rude and disrespectful to my teacher but do you have to spank me daddy please donít" Kelly looked helplessy at her mther for some support but all she got from her mother was "kelly take down your pants your father is going to give you a spanking" she dreaded to here these words but knows it is useless to argue.Kelly unsnaps har jeans and pulls them down to her knees after a stern look from both her mom and dad her fingers reach into her panties to pull them down too.She is embarrassed to be standing ther naked from the waist down and hopes to get this over with as she lays across her fathers lap.SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK the firm hand stung her bare flesh SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. "Kelly hurry up" Deborahís voice brings Kelly back to the present and she steps out of the shower so her sister can take hers.Deborah hops in the shower and Kelly runs down the hall naked as she goes to get ready. Kelly gets dressed and soon her sister joins her in their bedroom they are so excited about getting away with cutting school. the twins are busy when all of a sudden BAM they look out itís their mom. Panic sets in what is she doing home what should we do they ask each other as their mother walks up the sidewalk. "Play sick Kelly" Deborah says it is are only chance. Quickly the twins shed their shirts and put on just ther pajama tops and dive into their beds. There mother hears them and comes up the stairs to investigate. She opens the door to her daughters room and asks them why they are not at school."weíre sick mom we both donít feel well" Lesley their mother feels their foreheads and says sheíll be right back with the thermometers.So far so good Deb maybe we can fool her kelly says. lesley heads down the hall and notices the bathroom still all steamed up she wonders and then gets the thermometers out and heads back to her daughters room. Mean while the daughters franticly remve their jeans and dive back under the covers before their mother returns."I hope she doesnít find out Deb " Kelly muses " How do we fake a temperature though Kelly , Mom is a nurse she can tell"" I have a plan you get her to leave and Iíll get some warm hot water to stick the thermometers in"The two teenagers hope they can pull this off. Lesley their mother comes in and silently notices two pairs of jeans where there werenít a minute ago. "What are you home for anyway mom I thought your flight left at 8:00 this morning" Deborah asks. "The flight was canceled and we have to take a later flight your father went to the store he should be back soon now be quiet and put these under your tongues" "Now donít move Iíll be right back I have to use the phone"Quickly Kelly gets up and sneaks down the hall to the bathroom she gets a cup of hot water and hurries back the twins put the thermometers into the water and Deborah listens for there mothers return, "here she comes hurry up" The twins put the instruments back under their tongues and sit innoccently on the beds. As there mother withdraws the thermometers the twins look at each other nervously.She reads the temperature to herself 108 why thats impossible ahe then eyes the glass of warm water and figures it out."there seems to be something wrong with these thermometers girls it says you have a temp of 108 that is impossible I guess I will have to get the other thermometers for you two" the twins cringe " but mom weíre to old for that way please" Their mother was adamant " if you really are sick you wonít mind having your temperature taken that way now Ií ll be right back" "now what do we do Kelly"I donít want mom taking my temp in my bottom" deborah whines to her sister. "relax she is just bluffing and besides if she takes them rectally we might show a temp and get away with it" Lesley walked down the hall amused at her daughters thinking they are fooling her.She opens the medicine chest and thinks back to the last time these were used.Lesley worked in a hospital where it was policy to take rectal temperatures of all children under 10 yrs. old.She figured if was good enough for the hospital it was good enough for her home.So the two teens had grown up accustommed to having rectal thermometers up there bottoms whenever they were feeling a little poorly.She grabbed the thermometers and the jar of vaseline and went down the hall again. She enters the girls room and says " ok you two drop your pajamas and roll over on your tummies we will take care of this sickness" The two teenagers reluctantly roll over.First Kelly she feels her moms hand on her butt and cringes when her cheeks are parted and vaseline dabbed on her rectum and then the glass tube is slid into her butt.As lesley walks over to take her other daughters temp the door slams "honey I Ďm back where are you" "Up here honey" she answers as she parts young Deborahs cheeks and slids the thermometer into her bottom. The young twins are shocked when in walks their father "daddy pleaseí they wail. "What have we here honey" he asks as he looks at the two bare bottoms with the thermometers sticking out of them.The twins are embarrassed but really it is nothing new to their father who has seen their bare bottoms many times for spankings or when changing clothes while out camping. " these two claim they are sick but I think they are faking it" the angry mother says."no mommy we really are sick youíll see" whines Deborah and Kelly in unison.After waiting the full five minutes Lesley says to her husband get me Kellys thermometer and Iíll take out Deborahs. Kelly buries her head in the pillow as her father parts her cheeks and withdraws the thermometer from her little bottom.After reading the instruments Lesley announces the sad fact "you two have no fever I think you are lying"The twins wail "but we are sick mom our stomachs hurt"their mothers answer shocks them" well then maybe you two each need an enema to cure your tummy aches" "honey go get the enema bags ready" "noooooo mom " the twins cry they donít want to be given enemas they werenít sick they knew they had to confess or they would soon have that awful tube up their behinds. "Mom Dad we ummm we a skipped school today we wanted to go to the mall with our friends who all have the day off Kelly confesses "Well then why didnít you just ask us we might have let you miss we understand teenagers you know But since you chose to act like a couple of children you can be treated as such you both are going to get your bare butts spanked for lying to us" "But mom we are to old to be spanked especially bare bottomed" Their mother walks over to Kelly and sits down on her bed their father does the same thing only he goes to Deborahs bed.The twins find themselves standing at their parents sides each parent reaches out and slides a pair of panties down and places a naughty teenager over their laps. Deborah and Kelly are helpless and sorry little girls as they lay bare bottom over their parents knees. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACKSMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The spankings begin and the young girls cry out with each slap to their naked bottoms SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Both mom and dad spank at a brisk pace and the spanks connect in unison on the reddening btooms of their children.SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK the spanking seems to light a fire in the girls bottoms, "Please stop we wonít do it again" "You bet you wonít young lady we will see to that"is her fathers answer SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The girls kick their legs and cry out as their tender bottoms redden and begin to really sting. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The kicking legs cause both pair of panties to fly completely off their bare bottoms are bright red and their pink pussy lips peek out but they are to worried about the heat in their bottoms to care. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK a few final spanks and the tearful girls are allowed to stand they rub their burning bottoms not caring that they are naked from the waist down. " Now you two go and face the wall some corner time will straighten you both out" Their mother orders.Tearfully the twins walk over to the corner and stand ther red bottoms glowing and stinging. "we are sorry mom and dad we wonít lie to you again" "Very well you to but you keep those bottoms on display for an hour or you will get the hairbrush understand" The two parents leave the room knowing that when they leave later that day their twins would not think of playing truant again. Kelly And Deborah comfort one another as they stand side by side in the corner bare bottoms still stinging they wonít be sitting for a while. THE END

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