Punishment, Swift and Sure
by The Hobo


Iím the president of a small computer software company headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was attending the fall COMDEX, the largest computer, software and peripherals exposition in the world. This show is held each November in Las Vegas, Nevada. Itís the one time that Las Vegas is guaranteed to rent every hotel room in the city and surrounding communities. I had retained a two-room suite at the Sahara.

 When the elevator reached the lobby, I realized that I left my notebook computer in the room. Upon returning to the twenty-sixth floor, I noticed that the suite door was ajar and a maidís cart in the hall. That was not unusual since I had left the Ďmaid serviceí sign on the doorknob. However, I caught the maid in the act of boosting the notebook computer, slipping it into the laundry cart.

 "Just what the hell are you DOING" I bellowed. She tried to run away still grasping the computer. I grabbed her arm, twisted it into a hammerlock and pushed her back into the room. In the struggle, she fell headlong, face down on the floor. I picked up the computer and stood back. When she turned over and struggled to her feet, I recognized her. She was the daughter of an old acquaintance long deceased. Her name was Angie.

 "What is the meaning of this Angie?" I asked, angrily. She recognized me. "Your father would be shocked and ashamed of what youíve become. Youíre a thief, just a common thief"

 All she did was stand there and cry, the tears rolling down her cheeks. "I..IíM sorry" she sobbed, her voice barely understandable through the sobs.

 "I am going to report you to the hotel" I said picking up the phone.

 "NO! NO! Please, NO! Theyíll put me in jail."

 "But isnít that where thieves belong? This is a serious crime. This computer is worth several thousand dollars. Youíve committed a major felony."

"PLEEEASE donít tell."

 "What would your father do if he were here?" Alfred had been an easy going guy, but honest. Apparently, his honesty hadnít been transmitted to his daughter.

 She didnít answer my question but posed another problem. "What will happen to Alex?" Alex was her son. She had married a real bastard and he was no fit person to raise a child. That he would get the boy was a certainty. I had learned all this second hand through my aunt who had kept in touch with her.

 I looked her in the eye as I thought over the multi-faceted problem. She had committed a crime. Putting her in jail or at best on parole would lose her son to her ex. The boy hadnít done anything wrong.

 "You just canít say youíre sorry and promise youíll never do it again. Thatís too easy a solution to crime. You need to be punished. If I donít call the authorities, will you return here at seven tonight to receive punishment?"

 "What kind of punishment?" A crafty gleam was in her eye, as if she could bargain her way out of this.

 "Corporal punishment, a good whipping."

 "I donít think so" she said quickly.

 "Itís either back here at seven for punishment or the police. Those are your only choices."

 She hunched her shoulders and bowed her head in resignation. "Okay, seven" she mumbled.

 "Wear your Sunday clothes. Take a good bath and wear your best finery. I donít want the hotel stopping you in the lobby. The way you look now is a disgrace." Her face was smudged and her hair was awry. It had been that way prior to our little struggle.

 After she left, I took the computer with me for safekeeping. I found a hardware store and purchased long cable ties and duct tape. At the drugstore, I got Vaseline, mentholated rub and a plastic whiffle ball. I also picked up a package of condoms.

 It was seven thirty before Angie showed, dressed as I requested. She wouldnít win a beauty contest, but she had a respectable appearance for a woman of forty plus.

 "You are sure pushing your luck. I was just about to call the police and the hotel manager. For your tardiness, I will increase your punishment."

 "I was caught in traffic."

 "That is no excuse. You had plenty of time to do what I demanded and get back here in time. One thing you are going to learn is responsibility, responsibility for your actions. The only reason I am not reporting this episode to the police is because of your son. He really doesnít deserve you or Ari, but especially Ari."

 I placed a Room-Safe combination lock on the door. It prevents the door from opening from the outside or in, requiring the combination to remove it. The room was now secure. The balcony overlooked Las Vegas Boulevard, twenty-six stories down. Angieís eyes widened in recognition that the only way out was removing the Room-Safe lock.

 "Your punishment will be a severe spanking to start. I am going to do this like its done in Malaysia. Take off your clothes."

 "Whaaaat?" she stammered. "What did you say? Take off my clothes? No way!"

 "Itís either that or the police. Take your pick." I emphasized the statement as I dialed the phone. "Operator, get me the manager."

 Angie grabbed the phone, "NOOOOO! Iíll do it." She hastily began undressing.

 The phone rang. It was the night manager. The hotel operator had got him anyway. "Anything wrong, Mr. Walker?" he asked.

 "Nothing, I fixed the problem. You neednít worry. Everythingís OK." We hung up. Angie was down to her half-slip and bra. She had stopped.

 "Keep going. I said I want you naked."

 She started crying silently as she reached behind to unhook her bra. When it was off, I could see that her breasts sagged. In a few more years, they would be floppy, flat fly swatters. For now they still had some youthful resiliency. She slowly took off the half-slip and stood in bikini briefs. I motioned my hand downward. She bent over and slipped them off. Her hands tried to cover her pubic triangle, but there was too much hair to cover with her small hands.

 She was plump, what figure that I remembered from her youth was fading fast. Her ass was broad and her stomach bulged as if she were 3 months pregnant. Oops that could be a problem if she was.

 "Are you pregnant?"

 She started to shake her head no when that crafty gleam returned to her eye. "Yes, yes I am."

 "I donít believe you. You started to say no and then said yes. Youíre lying. Thatís going to cost you a lot."

 Her face fell and her shoulders slumped in defeat.

 I produced the whiffle ball and put it into her mouth. She tried to resist at first, but finally complied. I secured it with duct tape. I fastened her wrists behind her back with one of the cable ties. They make good cheap handcuffs. Police are now using them more often than the metal ones.

 I sat on the coffee table and dragged her over my lap. With her hands secured behind her back she couldnít offer much resistance. Her pubic triangle was over my right knee and her stomach was over my left. Her face was almost into the carpet. I brought my hand smartly onto her right cheek. It sounded like a pistol shot. She whiffed. The gag was working. I alternated each cheek and her ass was soon a nice pink. With my left hand I grabbed her left breast and squeezed. That got more reactions. By now she was kicking her legs, showing her cunt with each scissor. When my hand got red and sore, I continued with a hairbrush. Her ass was now bright red. She was also crying into the gag constantly.

I got up, Angie falling to the floor and pulled an armchair into the center of the room. It was Danish Modern with wooden legs and a low back. I cut the tie, which secured her wrists. I pushed the chair back into her stomach. The top just came to her waist

 "Bend over" I said as I pulled her shoulders forward. She lost her balance and fell across the chair with her legs kicking backward. I lost no time in fixing her wrists to the front legs with the cable ties. I came around and did the same for her ankles to the back. This spread her legs apart. I could see her cunt just barely through the abundant pubic hair.

 After stripping myself to jocky shorts, I pulled them down to put on a condom and then pulled them back up. I had a raging hard-on. Her cunt rubbing across my leg was very stimulating. The condom was to prevent any additional pre-cum dripping.

 I had three belts with me. One was a wide western, utilitarian leather strap, another a medium width and a dress narrow one of woven leather thongs. I picked up the wide leather and strode around to the front of the chair. I lifted her head by grabbing her hair.

 "This is what I am going to continue the proceedings with." I punctuated the point by hitting the carpet near her right arm. This belt wouldnít do as much damage as the others, but its appearance had greater shock value. Her eyes widened with fear. The fear showed through the pain. Her ass must have hurt something awful by now.

 I returned to the business end and exchanged the wide belt for the narrow woven one. Her ass was thrust up and out in perfect position for a sound whipping. I lunged forward and lashed the belt across her ass. The motion was like a hard forehand tennis stroke. The end of the belt wrapped around her right hip. When I brought the belt back for the next stroke, I could see a one inch wide red strip across her broad ass slightly higher on the left. I placed the next one just above the first. The third was just below. Angie was making noise but it wasnít audible over the TV. Even if someone was at the door, they could not hear her cries. The breathable gag was still working. I hit her 15 very hard strokes. The belt raised sizeable welts. I thought that any more blows would not be felt with the previous intensity. Continual pain has a numbing effect for additional strokes. I stopped.

 I let her rest while I refreshed myself with a cold beer. This was hard work. I picked up the jar of Vaseline. I walked to the front of the chair. I dropped my shorts. My six-inch hard-on was rock hard. I pulled up her head up.

 "Do you know what is next?" I asked. She shook her head all the time eyeing my erection with dread. "Iím going to grease my prick and your ass. I think you know what happens next now. Donít you?"


 "What did you say? You want it?"

 She shook her head violently back and forth in denial.

 "Too bad. This is the next phase of your punishment."

 I returned to her rear and greased her ass. The sphincter was tight with fright but I got a substantial amount into it anyway. I put a good handful over my prick. Spreading her cheeks, I put my meatus against her anal bud. The head was just barely lodged into the sphincter. Pressing forward I reached around with both hands for her breasts. I used them as handles while I increased the pressure on her anus. I slowly pistoned back and forth, moving more forward than back as I inched my way in. As soon as the head was past the sphincter, I was able to thrust all the way in burying my prick into her bowel. I rested after the exertion as so not to cum so quickly. When the peak receded enough, I began pumping her ass slowly. In and out, in and out. I quickly came to a head again but this time, I couldnít stop the ejaculation. I spurted into the condom, deep in her rectum. It felt marvelous.

 I lay over her back for some minutes regaining my composure. When my prick plopped out, the condom remained behind with the ring hanging out her ass dripping cum over the rug. I got a wash cloth and wiped up the mess. I removed the condom, taking care not spill any more cum on the carpet. I threw the used rubber in a bag the hotel provides for ladies tampons. I left Angie tied to the chair.

 After thirty minutes, I began rubbing the liniment into her ass cheeks. She writhed in pain. The mentholated rub burned like hell. She shuddered with the constant pain. I untied her. She slumped to the floor and curled into a fetal ball. I removed the gag. Her crying was quite pronounced but not enough to cause any concern in the hall.

 "This is a punishment that fits the crime. You wonít ever forget what happened tonight. As far as I am concerned, the debt is paid."

 "Iíll report you to the police when I get out of here" she managed to say through the sobs.

 "Then Iíll make sure your church, your boy Alex, the courts and your grandmother know what you did. How do you think youíll feel when Alex is given to Ari? Just because I assaulted you, doesnít mitigate the fact that you committed a major felony, grand theft. Youíll still get a prison record."

 She sagged in defeat, the last spurt of defiance gone. I knew that she would not say anything to anybody about tonight. After an hour of crying, she got dressed, washed her face to remove the tear streaks and left. She kept her panties off, stuffed in her purse. Her ass still burned.

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